Our personal logistics solutions with Your own care
I'am dissatisfied with my current freight forwarder

Because I  cannot get on time delivery : Once delay is not caused by reasons related to „Act of God”  ( wheather, delay of ocean going vessel etc.)  there is room to find wayout from the situation and to point out to the responsibility of service provider. And then we are to come…

Because I cannot get informative and up to date advise on my shipment: well… we are only satisfied once our partners are satisfied…

Becasue it is too expensive:  We strongly belive that prices should precisely reflect quality: as such cheap things are often more expensive than the ones offered at price which is at  first sight not the cheapest… In general we enumerate different types of services , representing different cost / quality ratio. Then it is our clients’ option to make choose of the best one meeting their expectations utmost.


In any case, what we offer is value, by providing effcient, clear and professional information related to every option. Very often we propose personal meeting: to give more background and clear backup support for the optimal decision. Our mission is: contribution  and assistance to make profit and growth for our clients. This we do on a WIN-WIN platform: those clients who accept it and experience our service’  value are our long term partners. They do realize that win-win cooperation is not just a slogen, but their best interest in fact.

Becasue I’m not treated as a real customer: I do not get response, return call, confirmation, update over my shipment, or the apporach is NOT PROACTIVE (no pre alert for mighty problems, costs etc.)  Well: service is our profession…..


For almost 25 years..…

Take a chance on us  because our clients enjoy doing bsns with us!

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