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To describe Company's development by figures it is to declare that during almost 20 years  financial turnover increased to 140%, whilst increase of annual financial turnover increased by more than 13%.  Number of handled shipments per month increased by more than 16% per year and number of clients  served is more than 100% more than at beginning.

Of course it is crutial  to adopt ourselves to current market tendencies, and therefore providing  solutions, meeting global players demands and needs is a very significant part of our operations. Besides - we have to admit  SME is are our natural partners by size and compatibility, so their needs keep on getting us maintain high level of value added operations.

Head Office: 1121 Budapest,
Tállya u. 16-18. I. ép. mf. 2.
Telephone: +36 1 212 7654
E-mail: info@seahorse.hu