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Overseas trade

Overseas Export – Import trades are our absolute priorities both in respect of price and service level in our services. We operate full container loads (FCL) as well as less than container loads (LCL) to numerous points of the world: See our interactive maps

  • Complete containers (FCL)
  • LCL transport (LCL)
  • Project cargo


Overland - Full truck loads (FTL) and part loads (PTL)

Due to Seahorse traditional trades on the hauliers market we gained extensive practice and experience in the field of overland transportations.

As a consequence Seahorse operates carriage of both complete 24 to and 1,5-3,5 to truckloads both im and exports.

Quality and overall speed take a prominent part in selection of our subcontractors.

Subcontractors' activities and performances are surveyed and monitored on a regular base by standards of quality analysis. Drivers' efficiency is followed up and monitored thoroughly since their performance is particularly essential in this respect. The drivers of our subcontractors are supposed to be well experienced in handling transit customs documents like guarantee document, TC 32 guarantee certificate, NIT guarantee card etc.

Regular (FTL)shipments to several European countries are handled.

  • UK
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Czech Republik
  • Italy

Following recent years tendencies of the market both concerning customers demand and overall labour intensive supply position Seahorse took a very intensive turn towards operations of part truckloads (PTL).

Reliable and cost effective handling of such consignments suppose to possess high level of expertise, reliability, flexibility, and innovation. Bearing our customers' interests in mind, FTL consignments are combined, put together on most cost-effective way, to make sure optimization of overall costs and of course freight charges.

As such our PTL service has been growing encouragingly especially in close combination with own operations of our LCL consolidation service.

Our PTL services cover almost complete Eu with special emphasis on the German, Holland, French, UK, Spanish, Italian, Swiss, Czekh and Polish markets.

Obviously we handle -within the compass of multimodal transports- overland transportation of 20', 40' and 40'HQ containers too. The subcontracted hauliers are well aware of their responsibility to complete these transports on time- to maintain overall quality and speed of combined services.

We gained substantial experience in operations of project cargo (overdimension cargo) directed mainly to Germany. but some other EU countries as well.

Why not to check out our rates? Take a chance on us and ask for a quotation for full loads, part loads container truckings or overdimension loads!



During recent years volumes and frequency of airfreights did increase significantly especially import wise, from the Far East..

Our import operations meet every expectation of quality standards. Our well trained agents (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore,) not only professional players of local markets but also give excellent support in information update, cargo handling, resolving space allocation situation, and documentation of course.

Some key accounts at significant volume shipments did enjoy already the benefits of very competitive airfreights or the advantages of combined air-sea operations.

On arrival upon demand of our customers Seahorse Ltd offer the possibility of final clearance of air shipments not only at Budapest Ferihegy Airport, but at other Eu airports like Frankfurt, Düsseldorf etc.

Clients feed backs reassure us that combination of quality service ( load readiness co-ordination, accuracy in bookings, smooth customs clearance in Eu etc.) and competitive airfreight rate are welcome on the market.

Export wise we have gained much experience in carriage of volume shipments also doing combination of truck pre carriage of volume consignments.

As of couple of hundred kgs to even full truckloads of air shipments besides the high quality service level we managed to be competitive in rate with well named global players.

Ask for a quotation improve your competitiveness!



Although currently operations of Seahorse Ltd. are closer to the traditional freight forwarding sector in the distribution logistic branch we provide reliable and cost-efficient solutions in the fields of production-related deliveries and picks up ("just in time")

Especially our part truck load operations (PTL) serve close logistic demands.

By our customs yard services we became partner of multinational companies in shaping of the transportation into a complete logistical system.

Our "door to door" overseas LCL service is already integral part of numerous partners' logistical process.

Our vision to improve logistics related services is paralell with development of market demand coming from ongoing processes both in customer related and production related delivery systems.

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Telephone: +36 1 212 7654
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