Member of Smile Logistics Network

Our Vision:

To improve our efficiency through innovation of multi-stakeholder collaboration setting ourselves as the pre-eminent and professional organisation inside SLN strengthening our partnerships with more than 30 years of know-how and experience in local market.

To ensure our clients a high quality service based on enjoying each and every individual’s strength, open communication, sharing fresh market information in awareness that all member have the same vision and strategic goal to intensify market position. 

Our purpose is to explore ways meeting challenges and succeeding more prosperous business to all parties involved within a safe operating space. Creating better common understanding generates better results and Win-Win situations, that’s why our motto is

WHEN Hungary – it is SEAHORSE When Seahorse -  it is Growth by WIN+WIN 


Member of Leschaco Group

As certified forwarding agent in Hungary on behalf of Leschaco Group and Member of Leschaco family worldwide we are proud to declare sharing Leschaco’s concept:

Relying on what is tried and tested - looking for new things.

Together with all companies of the Group we have tested, modified, and adjusted our previous guidelines and principles.

We present to you in which direction we develop, what is guiding us, what we go by, and what we stand for. 

Our vision: 

As an independent and innovative company we are recognized as a global provider of customized logistic solutions.

Our mission:

We are there for our customers, worldwide and at any time. We are committed to the requirements of our customers. With our economic, ecologic, and socially responsible, reliable, and high-quality solutions we fulfil this obligation. 

Personal trust in our employees and a respectful treatment of one another in a motivating work atmosphere are the basic requirements for our economic and sustainable power – worldwide.

Leschaco. Forwarding is our passion. Since 1879.

Head Office: 1121 Budapest,
Tállya u. 16-18. I. ép. mf. 2.
Telephone: +36 1 212 7654